What we do

The EA Hub enables collaboration and facilitates connections between EAs to make it easier to learn, network, collaborate on projects, and find career opportunities. By improving community infrastructure projects, individuals, and groups, initiatives can build traction more effectively.

To do this we:

Currently, we host global directories of individuals and groups and are working on other features to enable connections within the community.

For community members

Community members can use the Hub Community Directory to create personal profiles and search for potential friends, mentors, speakers, employers, and collaborators. You can also use the Hub Groups Directory to connect with local, cause, career and affinity groups.

This website is for you – its users! – and we are always looking to improve, so don’t hesitate to make suggestions, vote on new features and enhancements, or report bugs on our feedback page. Check out our FAQs if you have any questions.

For community builders

We are working with a number of group organisers to help launch local group directories here on the Hub. If you’re interested in onboarding your group, we can help with mass uploading data (if you have the consent of your members), and we will consider feature requests to improve the directory for your local group.

For organisations

You can use the Hub to search for and contact potential candidates for paid or voluntary roles.

If you are an EA-aligned organisation and believe you could benefit from our data, please contact Vaidehi, our Product Manager.

Our current and past collaborators include: CEA, GWWC, Rethink Priorities (on the EA Survey), One For The World (sharing data), EA Forum (sharing a data source and features), and Rethink Charity.

The Hub is an open-source project, and we are keen to work with other EA tech initiatives whenever it makes sense to do so.

The Team

The Hub is an open-source project and has been contributed to and run by a team of volunteers:

Tech Leads

Sebastian Becker (seb@eahub.org)

Victor Yunenko (victor@eahub.org)

Product Manager

Vaidehi Agarwalla (vaidehi@eahub.org)

Data Protection Officer

Victor Yunenko (victor@eahub.org)

Technical Contributors

Other contributors

We are also grateful for the feedback of several volunteers and advisors.


The EA Hub was originally created by Tom Ash in 2014 to host both his own projects (beginning with the EA Survey and the public EA Profiles that came out of it) and other independent ones. Tom's projects later moved to their own non-profit, .impact Focus Projects, which was renamed Rethink Charity in 2017. The Hub is now fiscally sponsored by Rethink Charity, and run by our team of volunteers. 

The Hub was relaunched in 2019 by a team of staff and volunteers, and we would like to recognize the efforts of the following people who made this possible:

Get involved


We are always looking for volunteers to help build the Hub, in both technical and non-technical roles. If you’re interested in tech roles, please sign up before starting to work on an issue in our repo so that we can direct you to the most pressing or suitable tasks.

Don’t see a position for your skill set? Email us with a summary of how you’d like to contribute, and we will get in touch with you. 


Please make any donations via Rethink Charity and specify that you are donating to the EA Hub. If you are making donations in Canadian Dollars, please contact us at donations@eahub.org, and we can arrange for donations to be tax-exempt.