Catherine Low

EA Groups Support

My aim is to help the EA community thrive.

Current role:
- Groups support for the Centre for Effective Altruism

I also have a lot of small roles:
- Community Manager for EA Australia/New Zealand Movement Building Group
- Community Organiser for EA New Zealand
- Organiser of EA Christchurch
- Treasurer of the Effective Altruism NZ Charitable Trust
- Coordinator of EA Donation Swap
- Board Member of Effective Altruism Australia

Past roles:
- Manager of Students for High-Impact Charity
- Physics, Science and Ethics Teacher


I'd love to help anyone involved or interested in building the EA community, by sharing advice, resources, and making connections with other people in the community that might help them.

Looking for

People interested in (or already doing) community building, reach out to me for a conversation!

Cause Areas

EA community building

Giving Pledges Taken
  • Giving What We Can


Areas of expertise
  • Communications
  • Management
  • Movement building
  • Math/quant/stats expertise


Organisational affiliations
Centre for Effective Altruism, Local Effective Altruism Network, Rethink Charity

EA group organizers

Topics I speak about

I am experienced in introducing EA concepts to many different audiences. I have run workshops on the following topics, aimed at people who are new or fairly new to EA.
- global health charities
- effective animal advocacy
- cause prioritisation
- effective climate change interventions
- high-impact careers

Available as speaker
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