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EA Profiles

EA Profiles let you see the beliefs, actions and more of others in the effective altruist community, showing interesting information like people’s favoured causes and charities, and the actions they’re taking to make the world a better place. Here is a random selection of some of the most complete showcase profiles:

The annual survey of effective altruists

Here are the partial raw results that we expect to present at EA Global 2017 in San Francisco.

An annual survey of the effective altruist community is run by the .impact volunteer community and Rethink Charity. It aims to reach as many people as possible, providing a large amount of useful data that people across the community can use, and enabling applications like the EA Profiles and EA Donation Registry.

EA Donation Registry

One of the most important and action-relevant messages of effective altruism is that you can do a phenomenal amount of good through well-chosen donations. As a community, EAs also further this goal by publicly establishing a norm of giving to effective charities, making their own commitments to do so and encouraging others. So the EA Donation Registry lets people share plans to donate and record past donations. If you're currently planning to donate to a particular cause or have already done so, we'd encourage you to share this. Your plans need not be as certain as pledges - you can revoke them at any time, and it'd be both expected and understood that many will do so.

Discussion groups

There are a number of places where effective altruists congregate online to talk to one another. Among these, the two most popular are the community Facebook group, which has over 10,000 members posting and commenting, and the Effective Altruism Forum, which features longer posts and a more traditional forum structure.

The EA Newsletter

Take action

Indicate how much time you have right now (be it one minute or twenty) and get a useful task suggested, or find guides to the actions you can take.

EARadio podcast

Created by Patrick Brinich-Langlois and Chris Calabro

A podcast of audio talks relevant to effective altruists, curated from video and audio around the web.

Share goods and services with other EAs

Created by Patrick Brinich-Langlois and Ozzie Gooen

Effective altruists have a lot to offer one another. But we're geographically dispersed, so it's hard to know whom to ask for help. Skillshare.im is built to fix this. It's a place for EAs to share their skills, items, and couches with one another.

Jobs and volunteering

One way to make effective altruism a part of your life is to contribute to EA work - these links will show you how.

Community Spaces

The EA Hangout Facebook group is a forum for people involved in the effective alruism community to hang out and either discuss EA casually or discuss non-EA topics.

EA Wiki

A collaboratively edited resource, which everyone's encouraged to edit and add to.

Links and resources

Blogs, articles of note, images and more.

If you would like to suggest any additional effective altruist resources and projects for this page, please contact us.