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This website hosts and points to a range of resources and projects for effective altruists, a worldwide community of people using evidence and reason to make the world a better place. Many of the resources on it are connected to EA Profiles, a community-owned and community-run platform for individual effective altruists. They are coordinated through .impact, the open network for effective altruist projects.  If you have suggestions or projects you'd like to point to, we'd love to hear via our contact form - and you can point to them on your own EA Profile. 


To get in touch with feedback, suggestions, requests and questions, use this website's contact form. For tech queries, email tech@eahub.org.


This website was created and is run by the .impact Focus Projects team. Within this team, it was created by Tom Ash, and the current webmaster is Haryshwaran Ilanghovan.

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For a broad list of links of interest to effective altruists, see here. If you'd like to add to this, edit the associated EA Wiki lists of links directly; we periodically check these and pick appropriate candidates for the more selective lists on EA Hub. Note that we deliberately pace our checks far apart. If you think you have something worth adding to the index of EA resources and projects on the front page of the website, please use our contact form instead.

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