Ulf Johansson

I have a Master of Science in public health science and I work as a research assistant. I am doing research about Safewards, a violence prevention program in psychiatric inpatient care. I volunteer at the Happier Lives Institute, an EA organization that focus on how to increase well-being.


Finding researchers, finding mental health organizations for volunteering, finding volunteers in different areas, finding evidence/research in different topics.

Looking for

Volunteers who can help in the field of mental health (looking for research, write reports, help with app development).

Cause Areas

  • Mental health/happiness
  • Global health and development
Available to volunteer


Areas of expertise
  • Economics/quantitative social science
  • Other science
  • Psychology
  • Research

Public health

Career interest areas
  • Psychology
  • Research
Open to job offers


Organisational affiliations
Happier Lives Institute
Local group membership
Effective Altruism Sweden
Topics I speak about

Mental health. Happiness.

Available as speaker
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