Nina Antonyuk


I can give advice on how to organize an event if you haven't done this before (for example, courses, conferences, schools, clubs, jam sessions, summer camps, scientific festivals),
- explain core concepts of behavioral analysis,
- tell about street epistemology - a tool for updating beliefs through conversation,
- share my experience of implying effective learning strategies,
- or (not even tangentially related to EA) give insight on how to learn to improvise on a musical instrument / to play guitar (because music is one of my biggest passions!

Cause Areas

  • Global health and development
  • Long-term future
  • Building EA communities
  • Rationality
  • Climate change
  • Improving institutional decision-making
Available to volunteer


Areas of expertise
  • Event planning and logistics
  • Math/quant/stats expertise
  • Other science
  • Psychology of Decision Making
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