Matthew Dahlhausen

Research Engineer

I'm a research engineer focused on building design and retrofit, especially as it relates to grid decarbonization and multifamily/affordable housing.

Beyond that I'm interested in air quality, effective climate change mitigation and adaptation, and good recipes for homemade plant based meats.


I have substantial expertise in the policy and technical side of climate change mitigation and adaptation. In particular, there is specific sector nuance on whether further funding and attention should be focused on policy/deployment vs. fundamental research. I'm happy to talk about electric grids, building design, refrigerants, thermal comfort, urban planning, energy growth, energy access/affordability, etc.

I also recently completed a doctoral degree if people have questions about engineering graduate school.

Looking for

I'd like to connect with other EAs interested in indoor and outdoor air quality.

I'm also interested in meeting people near Denver, Colorado who want to join or present at our local EA group.

Cause Areas

  • Climate change
  • Farmed animal welfare

Air quality

Giving Pledges Taken
  • Giving What We Can
Available to volunteer


Areas of expertise
  • Research
  • Other science
  • Software engineering

Air quality, Energy Systems, Buildings


  • EA group organizers
  • Academia
Topics I speak about

Air quality, climate change, energy transition, refrigerants

Available as speaker
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