Ludvig Renbo Olsen

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Animal welfare/rights, Climate change, Mental health

Available to volunteer


Areas of expertise:

Software engineering, AI technical expertise, Math/quant/stats expertise

Career interest areas:

Research, Software engineering, AI technical expertise, Math/quant/stats expertise

Open to job offers



BSc in Cognitive science and currently studying the MSc at Aarhus University, Denmark.

My main goal is to get animals out of the food production. Currently, my activities are not perfectly aligned with this goal, but I'm looking for an internship in autumn 2020 that can help me identify ways to use my skills to contribute to this transition. I believe replacing animal products with better and cheaper alternatives (e.g. plant-based, fungi-based and cell-based) will be an easier path than convincing everyone to go vegan.

My main skill is currently programming (R and python), with a focus on machine learning related projects. I:
Am developing two R packages - cvms for cross-validating statistical models and groupdata2 for grouping and partitioning data.
Wrote two book chapters for Practical Machine Learning with R.
Worked with TensorFlow professionally for ~1 year.