Jessica McCurdy

Contractor at Centre for Effective Altruism

I spent the last four years helping run Yale Effective Altruism including working full-time on a community building grant in Fall 2019. During this time, I created a facilitator training for over 100 discussion facilitators, helped run 10 Fellowship programs, and created lasting systems to help ensure the sustainability of Yale Effective Altruism.

Now I have joined CEA's groups team working specifically on scalable university support. I am piloting a program that aims to take a group from just 2-3 interested organizers to ~15 members in a semester while setting up systems to help ensure the groups' success. I am currently identifying the biggest bottlenecks for group organizers and working to offer support specifically in these areas.

I enjoy cooking, hiking, photography, long philosophical discussions on ethics, and meeting people in EA!


Happy to chat with group organizers about: task management for groups, facilitating discussions, running retreats, running Fellowships, making groups more welcoming, group strategy, and facilitating group handovers

Looking for

* Give me feedback on my plan for scalable university support
* Connect me with up-and-coming group organizers
* (For group organizers) Tell me about the biggest challenges for your group and what resources you wish you had
* Share with me opportunities that I can share with promising students
* Teach me about what you do!

Cause Areas

  • Long-term future
  • Global health and development
  • Building EA communities
  • Improving institutional decision making
  • AI strategy & policy
  • EA community building
  • Global priorities research

Building EA communities

Giving Pledges Taken
  • Giving What We Can
Available to volunteer


Areas of expertise
  • Public speaking
  • Recruitment
  • Event planning and logistics
  • Psychology of Decision Making
  • Movement building
  • Operations
  • Management
  • Software engineering
  • Psychology
Career interest areas
  • Operations
  • Management
  • Movement building
  • Event planning and logistics


Organisational affiliations
Centre for Effective Altruism, Rethink Charity
  • EA group organizers
  • Women/non-binary people
  • LGBTQ+
  • People managers
  • Operations managers
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