Jenny Jacobs

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Global poverty, Climate change

Giving Pledges Taken:
Giving What We Can, The Life You Can Save





I work for my local authority three days a week negotiating affordable housing with property developers on development sites. I'm also a valuer member of the First-Tier Tribunal, Property Chamber, and this work takes up most of the rest of my time. I have two sons (currently aged 26 and 31) who both live with me. I'm lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world (Yorkshire) although I don't get to spend as much time out and about in it as I would like. I believe we can make the world a better place right here, right now - I'm not into delayed gratification! That's why I'm proud to be a member of Giving What We Can. Back in January 2014 I organised a conference on poverty and inequality in the UK and recently I organised a community screening of The Divide - the documentary inspired by the book The Spirit Level by Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett - see for details.Last year, Brad Hurley posted an profile of me on The Life You Can Save: The idea, I think, was to encourage some older people into the EA community! I'm an active member of my local Green Party and a member of York Unitarians, where I am an occasional worship leader.