Jakub Simek

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Global poverty, Cause prioritisation, Meta, Using complexity science to search for systemic solutions to wicked problems - systems change, framework change, social impact.

Giving Pledges Taken:
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Areas of expertise:

Government and policy, Entrepreneurship, Economics/quantitative social science, Movement building, Communications, Finance, Journalism, Advocacy

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Organisational affiliations:
Local Effective Altruism Network
Topics I speak about:

EA related take on issues such as: global income inequality, social innovations in Kenya (M-Pesa, M-Kopa), social impact and prioritization frameworks (network theory, theory of constrains, ITN Framework, prospecting for gold, cost-benefit analyses...), model thinking (search for most pregnant and easiest to understand mental models and scientific concepts that can advance EA), development cooperation (startup accelerator in rural Kenya, also general topics -prioritization of SDGs, new and emerging donor countries, ideal social innovation, ideal development cooperation policy based on antifragility), global citizenship education, corporate social responsibility (how to link CSR and e.g. SDGs to prioritization of EA relevant solutions). More exotic topics: Game B - How to build anti-rivalrous foundations for a new economy.

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I have worked for 12 years in development cooperation (Kenya, Belarus). With my colleagues I co-founded Sote Hub in Voi, Kenya, where we "grow startups from rural schools". I focus on social innovations, generational poverty and existential risk stemming from rivalrous dynamics. I keep active contacts with EA groups in Czech Republic and Austria and helped to organize local meetups in Bratislava. With my colleague we have established Hekima civil society organization with the mission to search for wise solutions to wicked problems, that we want to align with the newest thinking in EA community.