Get a free website for your local EA group

The local effective altruism network support team has a standing offer to build any group a free website and pay for a domain name (e.g. ) and web hosting. Economies of scale make it easier to build sites quickly and we get a bulk discount for purchasing many domains at once! Email with the domain you'd prefer and the name of your group. We suggest picking ea[location name].org (e.g. ) but check what's available at .

The template your site will be based on can be seen here: You can change all of the design and the text on your website once we deliver it. It'll be a WordPress site, and there are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes available to install; you can also write your own or tweak an existing one if your group knows someone who knows HTML and CSS. (If not, you could likely find someone who does by posting in the #help-lookingforwork channel in the .impact Slack account.)