Get a free website for your EA Group

LEAN's tech wizard, Larissa Feng and Henry Stanley from EA London have teamed up to create a site generator for EA groups! This generator allows anybody (no tech knowledge needed) to create a website for their EA group quickly, easily and free of charge. 

To set up your site, you will need:

A few *important* notes:

LEAN continues to sponsor domain name registration. If you need a custom domain name for your EA Group, please email us: tech [at]

Although the written instructions are complete, the video tutorial is still missing a section (Larissa hasn't finished the screencast on Multilanguage support yet). The written instructions should be enough, but if not, don't fret: the Youtube tutorial will be up soon

Larissa will add a "Debugging" or "FAQ" section eventually, but until then... if you run into issues, please do read through *all* the instructions before reaching out for help! Certain parts of the site may not work at certain points, and there will be notes on that.

Unfortunately we don't have the bandwidth to help individual groups customize the site further if they need more flexibility. However, there is a "Developing/Customizing the Site Generator" section at the end of the instructions; anybody with a bit of dev know-how should be able to easily customize it given the resources! Also if you are someone with free time to offer and a basic grasp of working with content (or a willingness to spend an afternoon getting familiar with some basics), LEAN and EA Groups everywhere would love you to volunteer! You may also find volunteers willing to help you out by posting in the #help-lookingforwork channel in the Rethink Charity Slack account.

Finally, if you really do run into issues and can't figure it out after reading the instructions and Googling, don't hesitate to reach out to tech [at]