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I've created copies of these lists on the EA wiki in order to open them up - these copies are linked to below. This page will maintain a slightly more selective version of what's on the wiki.


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EA websites & tools not on the home page

  • EffectiveThesis.com - "The Effective Thesis project aims to focus research on areas that have the potential to greatly improve the world [...] We have collected a list of topics from socially beneficial organizations related to the Effective Altruism community, which deal with some of the most pressing global issues. To ensure highest possible quality and utility of students’ work, we have agreed with organizations to provide consultations to students. That way students can draw from another source of information and be sure that if they write a high-quality thesis, their work and effort will be made use of to make the world a better place."

Blog posts of note

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Media coverage of effective altruism

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Non-English languages

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  • Spanish: http://altruismoeficaz.net
  • Polish: http://efektywnyaltruizm.pl/
  • Portuguese: http://altruismoeficaz.com.br/
  • German: http://ea-stiftung.org/effektiver-altruismus/
  • French http://www.altruismeefficace.fr/

Groups and lists: Facebook groups, mailing lists, etc.

Language-specific general EA Facebook groups