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More about me: 

Sam helps run London Effective Altruism. He came up with the idea of a browser plugin that would automatically direct people's Amazon purchase through Charity Science's Shop for Charity store and developed it with his brother Jacob. Jacob and Sam also built the Small EA Task Suggester.


How much do you plan to donate?: 
A lot
To which causes?: 
Global poverty
Meta-causes, What-ever my future self is interested in.
For how long?: 
Throughout my life
Selected past donations: 
UK £2,800Against Malaria Foundation; The Centre for Effective Altruism (unrestricted donation); Deworm the World; GiveDirectly; Project Healthy Children; Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI)2013
~UK £9,200Various charitiesBefore 2013
Donations I've helped influence: 
AmountToDonated byWhenAny details
Past donations: 

Elsewhere on the web

Your views and values

Causes you think you should devote resources to: 
Global poverty
Meta charities which direct resources to these causes
Actions you're taking to support these causes: 

- Earning to give and donations - Life planning with EA aims - Run EA events in London - General EA community involvement and outreaching EA ideas to people when opportunities arise.

Hours a month spent on these activities: 
Reducing the amount of meat I eat
Causes and communities you're interested in: 
Effective giving
Global poverty

You and EA

Year you first heard the term 'Effective Altruism': 
Groups you're a member of: 
The 'Effective Altruists' Facebook group
Giving What We Can (you've taken the pledge)
The Life You Can Save (you've taken the pledge)
Local EA group
Which factors were important in 'getting you into' Effective Altruism, or altering your actions in its direction?: 
Personal contact with an EA or EAs
80,000 Hours
Giving What We Can
Local chapter of an EA organisation
Organisations you've volunteered or worked for: 
80,000 Hours
Giving What We Can
Leverage Research
The Life You Can Save
THINK (The High Impact NetworK), Local EA group
Number of friends who'd describe themselves as Effective Altruists: 
Over 20 friends
How you first heard about 'Effective Altruism': 
Giving What We Can

Your career

Planned career path: 
Earning to Give
Confidence that you'll take this career path: 
34%-66% chance I will take this path in the future.
Entrepreneurship; Event planning; Finance/Investment strategy; Organizing groups/teams; Outreach; Persuasion; Philanthropy; Public policy/Politics; Public speaking


Samuel Hilton
Highest level of education completed or currently pursuing: 
Master’s degree
United Kingdom
Political views: 
Full-time student?: