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More about me: 

It always seemed unfair to me that I had so much when other people did not even have basics that they needed. Since I was young, it's been important to me to give some of what I had to make things more fair.

Later on, I came to see that it's not just how much you give but how well that matters. I'm really pleased to see more people thinking and talking about how to choose the best organizations, and how to use time and effort to help more. 


How much do you plan to donate?: 
My husband and I have pledged to donate at least 30% of our income until we retire.
For how long?: 
Until I retire
Any additional information about the donation plans above: 

I think it's important to be able to change one's mind about which cause is the best opportunity. I usually donate to global poverty and building the EA movement, but I expect to keep my mind open rather than defaulting to one cause forever.

Selected past donations: 
Donations I've helped influence: 
AmountToDonated byWhenAny details
Past donations: 

Your views and values

Causes you think you should devote resources to: 
Global poverty
Cause prioritization
Meta charities which direct resources to these causes
Actions you're taking to support these causes: 

Most of my donations go to GiveWell-recommended charities. I also help run the effective altruism meetup in my city, and am generally happy to talk with people about how they might be invovled with EA.

My husband (Jeff Kaufman) and I currently donate half our income. Over the years we've gone through several different budgeting systems and have come up with one that works for us (and now our daughter too). We're both happy to talk with people about our experiences in negotiating a budget between two people, living frugally, and our career choices.

You and EA

Groups you're a member of: 
The 'Effective Altruists' Facebook group
Giving What We Can (you've taken the pledge)
The Life You Can Save (you've taken the pledge)
Local EA group
Which factors were important in 'getting you into' Effective Altruism, or altering your actions in its direction?: 
Giving What We Can
Personal contact with an EA or EAs
Organisations you've volunteered or worked for: 
Giving What We Can
Centre for Effective Altruism
Number of friends who'd describe themselves as Effective Altruists: 
Over 20 friends

Your career

Planned career path: 
Direct charity/non-profit work
Confidence that you'll take this career path: 
I am currently working in this career path, and do not anticipate changing.
Current occupation or career: 

I'm trained as a social worker but I now work for the Centre for Effective Altruism.


Highest level of education completed or currently pursuing: 
Master’s degree
United States
Full-time student?: 
Might you be able to let EAs stay with you at the moment?: