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How much do you plan to donate?: 
I have pledged to contribute at least 85% of my assets and all those of my foundation, and am doing so throughout my lifetime. That total amount will be in excess of $100 Million.
To which causes?: 
I focus my funding primarily on innovative projects working to bring about the end of suffering (human and non-human) in areas of the highest need where the mainstream organizations are not heavily involved and where I feel I can have the most impact.
For how long?: 
Throughout my life
Selected past donations: 
Over $43,000,000Greenbaum Foundation1999 - 2015
$3,562,559Tostan (Child Marriage/Human Rights)2007 - 2015
$435,000Last Mile Health (Healthcare/Ebola Response)2011 - 2015
$205,472Truckers Against Trafficking (Human Trafficking)2011 - 2015
$110,000Centre for Effective Altruism2015
$502,500Mercy For Animals (Animal Suffering)2012 - 2015
$170,000Animal Recovery Mission (Animal Suffering)2014 - 2015
$60,000The Humane League (Animal Suffering)2014 - 2015
$120,000Humane Africa (Child Sacrifice/Mutilation)2013 - 2015
$1,225,000Polaris Project (Human Trafficking Hotline)2004 - 2015
$671,952Rescue Foundation (Human Trafficking)2002 - 2015
$100,000Justice Rapid Response (Int'l Mass Atrocities Investigations)2014 - 2015
$155,000Beyond Carnism2013 - 2015
$120,000Global Health Corps2012 - 2015
$125,000D-Rev Design Revolution2012 - 2015
$1,299,952La Conscience (Human Trafficking)2002 - 2015
$165,000Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine2012 - 2015
$514,925One Heart Worldwide (Human Health)2006 - 2015
$112,500Liberty Asia2015
$150,000Landesa2013 - 2015
$120,000Shining Hope For Communities2012 - 2015
$120,000Stop Animal Exploitation Now2014 - 2015
$105,000White Coat Waste Project2014 - 2015
$164,650Nexus Youth Summit2012 - 2015
$100,000Young !ove2015
$100,000Thorn2013 - 2015
$100,000Visayan Forum Foundation2015
$60,000Crisis Action2014 - 2015
$50,000Animal Charity Evaluators2015
$1,450,000Clinton Foundation Pediatric Aids Initiative2006 - 2012
$4,442,321KidSave International (Child Welfare)1999 - 2013
$785,700Ashoka2007 - 2009
Donations I've helped influence: 
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Any additional information about your past donations: 
As of 2015, I have contributed more than $43,000,000 to the Greenbaum Foundation and it has contributed $28,000,000+ to various charities. The Foundation has current assets totaling $37,000,000+.
Past donations: 

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Hours a month spent on these activities: 
Other social movements identified with: 
Animal Rights
Causes and communities you're interested in: 
Animal welfare
Effective giving
Global poverty
Combatting Human Trafficking

You and EA

Year you first heard the term 'Effective Altruism': 
Which factors were important in 'getting you into' Effective Altruism, or altering your actions in its direction?: 
I entered the business world in 1980 with the intent to earn to then later be able to give. In 1999, I began donating the moneys I had earned using primarily an EA approach. I did not learn about the term, "Effective Altruism" until hearing Peter Singer's TED Talk.
How you first heard about 'Effective Altruism': 
TED Talk (Peter Singer)

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Highest level of education completed or currently pursuing: 
Undergraduate degree (bachelor’s)
United States
San Diego
Religious beliefs: 
Open Minded Humanist
Political views: