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More about me: 

I'm vegan and graduated with a philosophy degree. I follow arguments to their logical conclusions and am happy to admit that I'm wrong when I am. I'm into anything philosophy and self-improvement. I try to not spend money in order to have as much to give as possible. I am not an effective altrulist (yet). 


How much do you plan to donate?: 
Vast majority of my inheritance and future income
For how long?: 
For as long as I can
Any additional information about the donation plans above: 

We donate for various reasons - moral, "caring", self-interested, etc. I give for "caring" reasons. I care about others enough that I'm moved to alleviate their intense suffering, even if it means sacrificing certain joys and bearing certain pains/inconveniences myself. Hence, I plan to donate all money that I don't really need. I just got out of school and am currently working on my donation plan (i.e. to which charities I'll be donating, when, and how much). Note, I am not an effective altrulist (yet) though, because of a concern that I have posted about on the EA forum. Completing my donation plan requires assessing the merits of effective altrulism. Please comment on my post if you have any thoughts. Thanks!  

Selected past donations: 
Donations I've helped influence: 
AmountToDonated byWhenAny details
Past donations: 
January 1111

Views and values

Moral philosophy: 
I don't think there are moral properties "out there". I think the moral content, e.g., <right> <wrong> of our moral concepts, are at bottom cognitive phenomenal characters. So for example, to think that killing an innocent person is wrong is to experience certain cognitive phenomenal characters.
Causes you think you should devote resources to: 
Animal welfare
Any cause that reduces extreme suffering.
Actions you're taking to support these causes: 

Creating a donation plan to live in accordance with my values. 

Causes and communities you're interested in: 
Animal welfare
Effective giving
Global poverty

You and EA

Year you first heard the term 'Effective Altruism': 
Which factors were important in 'getting you into' Effective Altruism, or altering your actions in its direction?: 
Peter Singer's talk and some philosophy articles
Number of friends who'd describe themselves as Effective Altruists: 
0-5 friends
How you first heard about 'Effective Altruism': 
Professor Singer also gave a talk about Effective Altruism at my school!
What can the Effective Altruism community help you with? : 

I think Effective Altruism faces a serious problem, and I need help to resolve it. 

What could you bring to the Effective Altruism community?: 

Dedicate my life to the cause if I ended up becoming an effective altruist. 


Current occupation or career: 

Just got out of school.


Highest level of education completed or currently pursuing: 
Undergraduate degree (bachelor’s)
Religious beliefs: 
Atheist, agnostic or non-religious
Full-time student?: