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Share your identification with effective altruism:
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How much do you plan to donate?: 
~50% post tax.
To which causes?: 
Global poverty
Existential risk and far future causes
For how long?: 
Until I retire
Selected past donations: 
~£10 000 Against Malaria Foundation; Project Healthy Children; Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI); Global poverty via trusts. Also donation to CEA for research 2013
Donations I've helped influence: 
AmountToDonated byWhenAny details
Past donations: 

Your views and values

Moral philosophy: 
Causes you think you should devote resources to: 
Global poverty
Existential risk (artificial intelligence)
Existential risk (other)
Far future concerns (besides existential risk)
Cause prioritization
Meta charities which direct resources to these causes
Actions you're taking to support these causes: 

Donations, data science work, some philosophy, EA promotions and blogging. :)

Hours a month spent on these activities: 
~ 5-10 hours
Vegetarian, trending vegan.

You and EA

Year you first heard the term 'Effective Altruism': 
Groups you're a member of: 
The 'Effective Altruists' Facebook group
Giving What We Can (you've taken the pledge)
The Life You Can Save (you've taken the pledge)
Which factors were important in 'getting you into' Effective Altruism, or altering your actions in its direction?: 
Personal contact with an EA or EAs
80,000 Hours
The Life You Can Save
The online EA community
Organisations you've volunteered or worked for: 
80,000 Hours
Giving What We Can
Number of friends who'd describe themselves as Effective Altruists: 
Over 20 friends
How you first heard about 'Effective Altruism': 
Giving What We Can

Your career

Planned career path: 
Confidence that you'll take this career path: 
34%-66% chance I will take this path in the future.


Highest level of education completed or currently pursuing: 
Professional postgraduate degree
United Kingdom
Milton Keynes
Religious beliefs: 
Atheist, agnostic or non-religious
Political views: 
Full-time student?: