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How much do you plan to donate?: 
Soon about 20% of my income
To which causes?: 
Animal welfare
Existential risk and far future causes
For how long?: 
For the foreseeable future
Selected past donations: 
€361Your Siblings2010
€412.50Your Siblings2011
€532.50Your Siblings2012
€468.42Your Siblings2013
€457.73Your Siblings2014
€914.14Against Malaria Foundation2014
€300.00Animal Equality2014
€1254.34Against Malaria Foundation2015
€662.15Animal Charity Evaluators2015
€162.50Bronies for Good2016
€1000Animal Charity Evaluators2016
€1354Effective Altruism Foundation2016
€1200Effective Altruism Foundation2017
€73Animal Equality2017
€4220WAS Research2017
€500Partei für Gesundheitsforschung2017
Donations I've helped influence: 
AmountToDonated byWhenAny details
€66,000Your SiblingsPony fandom2012Subtotal of the Seeds of Kindness program in 2012
€13,589Engineers Without BordersPony fandom2012–2013Subtotal of the Seeds of Kindness program in 2012–2013
€41,326Your SiblingsPony fandom2013Subtotal of the Seeds of Kindness program in 2013
€32,310Your SiblingsPony fandom2014Subtotal of the Seeds of Kindness program in 2014
€32,695Against Malaria FoundationPony fandom2015Subtotal of the Seeds of Kindness program in 2015
€11,235Against Malaria FoundationPony fandom2016Subtotal of the Seeds of Kindness program in 2016
€23,019Animal EqualityPony fandom2016GalaCon 2016
€15,624Animal EqualityPony fandom2017GalaCon 2017
€317WAS ResearchPony fandom2017Czequestria 2017
Past donations: 

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Views and values

Moral philosophy: 
Consequentialist/utilitarian (or think that this covers the most important considerations)

You and EA

Year you first heard the term 'Effective Altruism': 
In a March 28, 2014, interview with Philipp Gruissem about REG Charity.
Groups you're a member of: 
The 'Effective Altruists' Facebook group
Giving What We Can (you've taken the pledge)
Local EA group
Organisations you've volunteered or worked for: 
Animal Charity Evaluators (formerly Effective Animal Activism)
EA Foundation
Number of friends who'd describe themselves as Effective Altruists: 
Over 20 friends
How you first heard about 'Effective Altruism': 
News article


Planned career path: 
Earning to Give
Confidence that you'll take this career path: 
I am currently working in this career path, and anticipate changing as the funding vs. talent situation changes.
Are you currently doing earning to give?: 


Denis Drescher
Highest level of education completed or currently pursuing: 
Master’s degree
Religious beliefs: 
Atheist, agnostic or non-religious
Full-time student?: 
Might you be able to let EAs stay with you at the moment?: