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Share your identification with effective altruism:
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How much do you plan to donate?: 
Instead of donating a percentage of income, I'm using resources throughout my life (home, career, hobbies, lifestyle) to promote EA as part of a project called Ripples.
To which causes?: 
We address most causes through the Ripples project, and view causes through an EA lens.
For how long?: 
Throughout my life
Any additional information about the donation plans above: 

It's a lifestyle. So while it's difficult to pin down a quantity of cash from our bank account, the thousands of people we influence each week through our Ripples lifestyle are being exposed to EA values and donation opportunities.

Selected past donations: 
Donations I've helped influence: 
AmountToDonated byWhenAny details
Past donations: 

Elsewhere on the web

Your views and values

Causes you think you should devote resources to: 
Global poverty
Animal welfare

You and EA

Year you first heard the term 'Effective Altruism': 
Groups you're a member of: 
Local EA group
Which factors were important in 'getting you into' Effective Altruism, or altering your actions in its direction?: 
The online EA community
Previous NGO experience and careers, including training in the Solutionary Method (Grand Aspirations) and Capacity Building (AmeriCorps*VISTA)
Organisations you've volunteered or worked for: 
I occasionally write articles for print and online promoting organizations such as 80,000 Hours, GiveWell, and other EA groups.
Number of friends who'd describe themselves as Effective Altruists: 
0-5 friends
How you first heard about 'Effective Altruism': 

Your career

Planned career path: 
If I had to name my career, I might call it "Lifestyle Educator." Basically I'm earning money by using examples of altruistic life choices to inspire and educate others interested in changing their behavior to make a bigger difference.
Confidence that you'll take this career path: 
I am currently working in this career path, and do not anticipate changing.
Current occupation or career: 

Journalist / Columnist

Artist: Greeting Cards (hand-drawn) and Photography (for educational goals)

Blogging for Ripples / Writer (magazines and print materials)


Highest level of education completed or currently pursuing: 
Undergraduate degree (bachelor’s)
United States
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Full-time student?: