William Kirkpatrick

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Global poverty, Long-term future, Cause prioritisation, Meta, Volunteering is something I can do on a short term basis, as my command is often called out to sea.

Available to volunteer


Areas of expertise:

Qualified as a Nuclear reactor operator in the USN. Looking to leave the navy and pursue my life as a civilian either in direct EA work or supporting the community fiscally (my civilian equivalent is decently payed.)

Open to job offers


Topics I speak about:

I could sit down with someone and explain the tenets of EA given an hour or two. I notice a lack of EA members in the Hawaii area, so if needed I could sub in for someone more qualified to speak.

Available as speaker


Currently a Nuclear propulsion plant operator working for the United States Navy. Stationed in Pearl harbor, Hawaii. My couch is always open and I am dying to meet new altruists!