Vinícius Picanço Rodrigues

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Global poverty, Animal welfare/rights, Cause prioritisation, Meta, Climate change, Mental health, Rationality

Available to volunteer


Areas of expertise:

Management, Operations, Research, Entrepreneurship, Math/quant/stats expertise, Education

Career interest areas:

Management, Operations, Research, Government and policy, Entrepreneurship, Software engineering, Math/quant/stats expertise, Economics/quantitative social science, Movement building

Open to job offers


Available as speaker


With a background in Sustainability, Operations Research and Engineering Design, I have been applying knowledge to create sustained value for organizations and society. I hold over 11 years of experience spanning from research and non-profit to teaching and consultancy. I also founded 2 technology startups and a sustainability-oriented consultancy. I am an enthusiast about achieving deep social impact with initiatives/projects, and how organizations and governments can actually address the world's most pressing needs. I am particularly interested in the topics of Sustainability, Operations Research, Systems Dynamics & Complex Systems, Supply Chain Management, Social Innovation, Business Technology, Entrepreneurship, Public Policy, Ethics, and Education.