Vinícius Picanço Rodrigues

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Global health and development, Farmed animal welfare, Global priorities research, Building EA communities, Climate change, Mental health/happiness, Rationality

Available to volunteer


Areas of expertise:

Management, Operations, Research, Entrepreneurship, Math/quant/stats expertise, Education

Career interest areas:

Management, Operations, Research, Government and policy, Entrepreneurship, Software engineering, Math/quant/stats expertise, Economics/quantitative social science, Movement building

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My background blends elements of Engineering and Management. I am particularly focused on the topics of Sustainability Assessment, Operations Research, System Dynamics, Supply Chain Management and Engineering Design. I have been applying knowledge by transferring rigorous theory into practice in order to create sustained value for organizations and society. I hold over 11 years of professional experience spanning from academic research and non-profit to teaching and consultancy. I also founded 2 award-winning technology startups and a sustainability-oriented consultancy. My research, consulting and teaching efforts are geared towards empirical and quantitative investigations in sustainability assessment, operations research and system dynamics, with emphasis on understanding how to design and operate complex engineering systems more sustainably.