Tomer Eldor

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Global poverty, Animal welfare/rights, Climate change, Mental health, Rationality, Improving Institutional Decision Making, Health & Wellbeing, Factory Farming, Improving individual cognition & EQ

Giving Pledges Taken:
Giving What We Can
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Areas of expertise:

Operations, Software engineering, Product Management, Data Science



Hey! I'm in Product and Data Science. Born in Israel, Studied CS (Data Science), Economics and a bit of Cognitive Science and Learning Sciences at Minerva (a startup university where student cohorts live in 7 countries over the 4 years.
I'm interested in various impact fields, including improving decision making, wellbeing and mental wellness, sustainability,
I'm also a musician - jazz pianist and A-Capella composer (can find my albums by my name at Spotify or Youtube etc). Outside of the above, I'm passionate about personal development and wellbeing. I'm looking to get to know more people and projects in the tech and social impact space, so please reach out if you want to have a chat!