Stefania Delprete

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Building EA communities, Climate change, Farmed animal welfare, Global health and development, Global priorities research, Long-term future, Mental health/happiness, Rationality

Available to volunteer


Areas of expertise:

AI technical expertise, Physics, Neuroscience

Career interest areas:

Research, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy/earning to give


Topics I speak about:

Intro to Effective Altruism and the main causes (extreme poverty, animal welfare, global catastrophic riskss), and effective career choices.

Available as speaker


I co-organise Effective Altruism events in Italy and I monthly donate to effective charities.

I'm always looking for opportunities to expose Effective Altruism to my students, the projects I'm working on, or in random conversations.

I'm a Data Scientist, 9-year vegan, and quite a joyful nerd.