Siebe Rozendal

Community Director


If you need specific volunteers/interns/employees, I might be able to find them in my community and networks.

I know a lot about community bulding, existential risk, long-termist ethics, and risk analysis. I also have a side interest in coaching and personal development.

Happy to get to know new people, and help think through strategic considerations :)

I might be hiring for a colleague in ~3 months!

Looking for

As the new Community Director for EA Netherlands, I am looking for:
- interested potential donors
- experience of other national communities
- university community groups that want to share specific lessons on their failures/successes (one of my goals is to help new uni groups start)
- impactful projects that need people (employees, interns, volunteers) that I can search for in my (~200 member) community
- advice on volunteers & volunteer management

I also love talking about
- long-term strategy of EA (bottlenecks, what will 'success' look like?)
- high-fidelity scaling of EA

Also: I might be hiring for a colleague in ~3 months! If you are interested or know someone, let me know.

Cause Areas

  • EA community building
  • Global priorities research
Giving Pledges Taken
  • Giving What We Can


Areas of expertise
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Government and policy

Community building, Risk analysis

Career interest areas
  • Management
  • Movement building
  • Research
Open to job offers


  • People managers
  • EA group organizers
Local group membership
Effective Altruism Netherlands
Topics I speak about

Existential risks
Cause prioritization

Available as speaker
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