Sharon Wooten

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Global poverty, Animal welfare/rights, Climate change

Giving Pledges Taken:
Giving What We Can
Available to volunteer


Areas of expertise:

Management, Movement building, Public speaking, Education


Organisational affiliations:
Centre for Effective Altruism
Topics I speak about:

Career decisions, focus and tackling procrastination, personal effectiveness, communication,

Available as speaker


I'm interested in expanding EA to developing countries to spark local EA-aligned nonprofits to improve global poverty and health. I'm also interested in growing the EA community sustainably and addressing structural issues.
I believe we can make the world a better place right here, right now - I'm not into delayed gratification! I'm very happy to see the EA community thriving and would like to support it as I'm able. You can get in touch with me by emailing me at sharonwooten20[at]gmail[dot]com.