Roc Bata

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Global health and development, Farmed animal welfare, Long-term future, Global priorities research, Building EA communities, Climate change, Mental health/happiness, Rationality

Available to volunteer


Areas of expertise:

Management, Operations, Entrepreneurship, Communications, Psychology, Event planning and logistics, Website development
Workflow automations
E-mail marketing automation
Learning new skills

Career interest areas:

Management, Operations, Entrepreneurship, Movement building, Communications, Psychology, Philanthropy/earning to give

Open to job offers



I am the Founder of Givest, an upcoming women-led nonprofit organization that aims to raise funding for effective organizations by engaging Gen Z through a gamified giving experience.

Givest is a mobile app that aims to assist these future philanthropists to get them started with their giving through its free donation credits feature. In addition, it employs gamification and machine learning to boost engagement and retention.

Learn more about Givest through our application to Open IDEO's Reimagine Charitable Giving Challenge here:

I'm also looking to work for an EA organization, preferably on a part-time basis so I may be able to devote more time on my personal projects while earning from an impact-driven organization.