Peter Ruschhaupt

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Long-term future, Climate change


Areas of expertise:

Research, Physical Chemistry

Open to job offers

I'm Peter, an electrochemistry PhD student from Germany, working with the Netzwerk für Effektiven Altruismus Deutschland.

I am mainly interested the most effective way to fight climate change, as I think it affects many other existential risks as a 'context risk' and most civilizations in the past seem to have collapsed slowly, rather than due to some cataclysmic event (and to be honest probably also because that is the best fit for my skillset, see The Elephant in the Brain by Simler and Hanson).

I am currently working on supercapacitors but am trying to find out if I should go into negative emissions technologies, hydrogen production or something else.

You could help me if you know more about the current thinking in effective environmentalism!