peter janicki

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Global health and development, Farmed animal welfare, Global priorities research, Building EA communities, Climate change


Areas of expertise:

public speaking (though best in german language)
good understanding of macroeconimics
half-forgotten poetry slammer
good at reviewing texts/articles
as for german language: very good writing style, getting things to the point

and more skills, but i guess those are less outstanding.


Topics I speak about:

But I´m also fit in macroeconomics and psychology, especially on forensic topics...
I am good in english, but better in speaking german.

Available as speaker


Born and living in Germany. Licensed Psychologist, main area: Forensic Psychiatry.
"Member" of the EA-Group Marburg/ Gießen, two towns in Hessen, nearby Frankfurt/Main.
Got into EA around 2016/2017, we started a Local Group here and we are quite active.