Patrick Gruban

Managing Director

Serial Entrepreneur since the 90s with background in marketing and web software development, took the GWWC pledge in 2020, co-founder of Knitters Against Malaria, host of Munich's Nerd Nite


I'm a serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in different fields (software development, visual arts, banking, textiles), happy to talk through any ideas you have.

Looking for

I'd like to hear from others what experiences they have in building local EA communities and working as entrepreneurs. Also I'd be interested in meeting other EAs over 40 as this seems to be a niche age group.

Cause Areas

EA community building

Giving Pledges Taken
  • Giving What We Can


Areas of expertise
  • Philanthropy/earning to give
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Operations
  • Communications
  • Management
  • Public speaking
  • Event planning and logistics
  • Finance
  • Software engineering


  • EA group organizers
  • Operations managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People managers
Local group membership
Effektiver Altruismus München
Topics I speak about

- Knitters Against Malaria: How to get an industry to fundraise for an effective cause

Available as speaker
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