Moritz Hanke

I was born in San Francisco and then spent my childhood in Bavaria, Copenhagen, and Hamburg. I am currently studying Medicine in Tübingen, Germany, and doing my MD thesis on genetic epilepsies (not very high impact I have to admit) at the Hertie-Institute for Clinical Brain Research.
I am currently struggling with reconciling my studies with an impactful career path and trying to develop tangible career trajectories.
Inside EA I am currently most interested in Biosecurity and Ageing & Longevity, however, I am still exploring a lot so that might still change. Always happy to meet new, open-minded people so feel free to reach out :) I am also a co-organizer of the EA Tübingen local group.


Chatting about the (limited) conclusions I have come to until now concerning exploring Medicine & EA, Biosecurity and Ageing & Longevity. Constructive criticism and honest feedback on any thoughts, topics and opinions you might want to talk about :)

Looking for

People that can provide useful resources and deeper insights on Biosecurity career paths, on possible ways to reconciling medical studies and impactful EA career paths and on future skills that might prove exceptionally important for achieving the above. People that provide honest and constructive criticism on my plans, thoughts and ideas.

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