Michael Aird

Staff Researcher

I’m a Staff Researcher at Rethink Priorities and a Research Scholar at the Future of Humanity Institute. With Rethink, I'm currently mostly working on nuclear risk research. I might in future work on topics related to what I'm calling "Politics, Policy, and Security from a Broad Longtermist Perspective".

Previously, I did longtermist macrostrategy research for Convergence Analysis and then for the Center on Long-Term Risk.

Looking for

I'd be interested in talking to people with expertise or connections in areas like nuclear risks, international relations, authoritarianism, institutional decision-making, forecasting, grantmaking, and/or policy. This is because:
-I'm currently doing research on nuclear risks and to some extent the other topics
-I might in future broaden my research to cover the other topics more
-The main paths to impact for my current work probably flow through influencing funders and policymakers

Cause Areas

  • Improving institutional decision making
  • EA community building
  • Global coordination & peace-building
  • Global priorities research
  • AI strategy & policy
Giving Pledges Taken
  • Giving What We Can


Areas of expertise
  • Public speaking
  • Psychology


Organisational affiliations
Future of Humanity Institute (FHI), Rethink Priorities
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