Max Ramsahoye

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Long-term future, Global priorities research, Building EA communities, Existential Risk, Civilization Design & Transition, Socioeconomic Systems Change, Cause X

Available to volunteer


Career interest areas:

Research, Movement building, Philosophy, Public speaking

Open to job offers


Topics I speak about:

Meta-existential Risk, Systems Theory, Structural Violence, Market Economics, Post-scarcity Natural Law Resource Based Economics, Technology of Behaviour/Science of Morality, Cause X Civilisation/Systems Analysis, Design & Transition, Criticisms of EA, Future of EA

Available as speaker


Philosophy and Sociology undergraduate. Completed the EA Oxford Fellowship and looking to start an Effective Altruism-The Zeitgeist Movement Systems Change group at the University of Essex. Promotes the Cause X of civilisation analysis, design and transition/socioeconomic systems theory and change.