mako yass

A philosopher and a designer of interactive media.

Currently primarily focused on building up a more civically feasible social internet by building up the Web of Trust Moderation:, working notes:

Roughly, WoT Moderation is a decentralized way of combining judgements about how to delegate moderation or curation power. It would enable our users to decide for themselves which communities have the power to recommend, highlight, rank, propagate or censor the content they're browsing. It enables completely different curation communities to act over the same content without getting in each others' way, which I think makes it the first technology that could enable the existence of a truly global online venue. Without it, there are many important conversations that I believe currently cannot be expected to be possible, these conversations range in scope from serious political debates all the way to simple scholarly discussion of academic papers.

I am currently looking for help with engineering. Making shortest path queries fast enough will be difficult. It is absolutely doable, adequate theory exists, but the quality of our results will depend on the quality of the software engineers implementing them. Performance isn't easy. The better performance the less it costs to run. The less it costs to run the more broadly we can offer the system as a public good.


Can contribute to work in the communication of difficult ideas, the design of interactive social tools, (social processes), game design, logo design, strategic popularization of sensitive philosophical work in simulationism, acausal decision theory, and analytic spirituality in general.

Can live and work in the UK if necessary.

Looking for

Software engineers, computer scientists, and communicators who could assist with building Tasteweb. A thriving community.

Cause Areas

  • Discursive Systems
  • Improving institutional decision making
  • AI safety technical research
  • Building EA communities
  • AI strategy & policy


Career interest areas
  • Communications
  • Long-term future
  • Building EA communities
Open to job offers
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