Luke K. Freeman

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Global poverty, Animal welfare/rights, Long-term future, Cause prioritisation, Meta


Areas of expertise:

Management, Operations, Entrepreneurship, Movement building, Communications, Psychology, Public speaking, Recruitment


Organisational affiliations:
Centre for Effective Altruism
Topics I speak about:

Giving What We Can, Effective Giving, Effective Altruism, Ethics, Careers, Causes, Marketing, Movement Building, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Cognitive Biases, Productivity

Available as speaker


Motivating people to give more, and give more effectively as the Head of Giving What We Can. Previously, built and grew Positly as CEO and co-founder; grew Sendle from concept to #1 rated courier in Australia. Social entrepreneur, technologist, and marketing specialist. Striving to be a force for good in the world.

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*Trivia about Luke*
Started university at age 15; started first business at age 8; wrote his thesis on political communication and deliberative democracy; represented Australia in rowing; cycled many 600km+ rides; contested a seat for federal parliament; lived on less than $2 per day; organised several large conferences; enjoys long walks; regularly climbs rocks; occasionally plays music at bars; brewed tonnes of beer; prefers black coffee; reads lots of non-fiction; watches mostly sci-fi and comedy; plant-based foodie; married his university sweetheart; lucky 4-time uncle; cat dad of 2 + fosters; enjoys playing my 5 ukuleles, piano and guitar; dreams of having a grand piano.