Kris Chari

Hello! I'm an undergrad at UCLA involved with EA and animal advocacy more broadly. I study Business Economics and Statistics, and I'm looking for ways to align my field of study with Effective Animal Advocacy! I'm also fond of longtermism and the case for considering artificial sentience.


I love talking about various aspects of expanding our moral circle, from focus areas (farmed animal advocacy, wild animal welfare, invertebrate and artificial sentience) to strategies (demonstration, outreach, alt protein, research, policy)! I can also talk about my experience leading EAA groups, organizing teams of activists, and movement-building on campus.

Looking for

If you have thoughts on how someone with a background in economics can best contribute to EA (in addition to research) please let me know! We're also eager at UCLA to find ways for interested students to actually do something, in addition to being part of reading groups. And I'm always thrilled to discuss history and speculate about the future!

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