Gidon Kadosh

Cause Area






• Currently focused on:
- Building EA Israel. I'm happy to chat about group strategies!
- Running two mobile app projects with the mission of wide-spreading the use of evidence-based tools for personal development
- Pursuing my bachelor of Industrial Engineering

• Looking for any opinion or collaborators for the directions I'm considering as my next step:
- Better EA global coordination, I think there’s much more to do in this space
- Making better onboarding processes to the EA community (both for new EAs and for individuals who just check it out)
- I think there's many unexplored ways to incentivize non-profits and for-profits to become more EA-aligned
- Ways to make society more altruistic / moral
- Ordinary unhappiness as an EA cause

• Can help with and would love to chat about:
- EA project ideas
- Task Ys + onboarding new members to your local group
- Thoughts on community building
- Tools for creativity & overcoming functional fixedness (which in my opinion is undervalued in project management)
- Advice on implementing habits and personal development techniques
- UX advice
- Exchanging playlists!