Eric Herboso

Executive Director

I’m the Executive Director at Effective Giving Quest (, a fundraising org at the intersection of EA and gaming. I also am an Organizer of WikiProject Effective Altruism (, where we coordinate effective altruism related articles on Wikipedia, and am a moderator of r/EffectiveAltruism (, the main EA subreddit with 20,000 members. Most of my history with EA is through my service at Animal Charity Evaluators ( from 2012–2022; I helped influence ACE’s formation in 2012 and became the 2nd paid employee in 2013 as Director of Communications. Between 2019–2022, I served as Secretary on ACE’s Board of Directors.

I’ve been involved with the EA movement since 2011, well before the phrase "effective altruism" was termed. I hope to continue being a part of the movement for many years to come.

Looking for

At Effective Giving Quest, we help gaming companies, streamers, and professionals help others the most through their donations by encouraging them to give to effective altruism organizations. If you have a connection with someone in the video game or board game industry, we'd be glad to help bring them to EA.

Cause Areas

  • Farmed animal welfare
  • Long-term future
  • Global priorities research
  • Building EA communities
Giving Pledges Taken
  • Giving What We Can
Available to volunteer


Areas of expertise
  • Philanthropy/earning to give
  • Math/quant/stats expertise
  • Economics/quantitative social science
  • Philosophy
  • Communications
  • Research
Career interest areas
  • Communications


Organisational affiliations
Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE)
Topics I speak about

Effective animal advocacy

Available as speaker
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