Elena Plekhanova

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Long-term future, Cause prioritisation, Meta, Climate change, Mental health, Rationality, Global totalitarism


Areas of expertise:

Research, Math/quant/stats expertise, Other science, Ecology and Climate Change

Career interest areas:

Research, Math/quant/stats expertise, Economics/quantitative social science, Psychology

Open to job offers


Topics I speak about:

Existential Risks, Prioritization, Incentives within Institutions/Families/Counties, Psychological Stability, Moral Dilemmas, How to Do x Better, Happiness, Education, Transparency, Openness


I'm originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia and did my Bachelor in Mathematics and Masters in Bioinformatics there. In 2018 I moved to Zurich, Switzerland for my PHD in Ecology. In autumn 2019 I've discovered EA community and became a part of the Steering team in Zurich. I feel very inspired about EA-thinking and actions and looking forward to future engagement!