Ekaterina Ilin

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Long-term future, Global priorities research, Building EA communities

Giving Pledges Taken:
Giving What We Can


Areas of expertise:

Research, Movement building, Physics, stellar astrophysics

Career interest areas:

Research, Math/quant/stats expertise, Movement building

Open to job offers


Topics I speak about:

Community building in Germany, stars and exoplanets

Available as speaker


Astrophysics PhD student living in a picturesque town near Berlin. Cares for the long-term future, and is genuinely uncertain about many things. Contact me for anything related to EA in Germany, couchsurfing, or a (obviously Zoom...) chat over coffee. Ask me about exoplanets and nearby tiny stars :)

Currently head of the board in the German Effective Altruism Network (NEAD).