Dylan Miars

Lecturer and Student
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Dylan Miars is a Political Science and Global Studies student at UC Berkeley with double specialities in International Relations and Peace and Conflict in Asia. His research focuses on Thai politics and the insurgent mobilization methodology. Dylan is the President and board member of Effective Altruists of UC Berkeley. In addition to his work with EAB, Dylan volunteers with restorative justice and mediation boards in his local community. When he is not working or studying, Dylan likes to watch classic films, practice his mixology skills, and people-watch at the park with a nice latte.


Share resources and connections to best help their goals. I would love to share reading materials, good information, or the contact information of my colleagues. that may know more about a specific area that could be helpful.

Looking for

Helping me find the best connections for my research. Additionally, finding an internship and career opportunities! I am looking for any opportunity to grow.

Cause Areas

  • EA community building
  • Government and policy
  • Improving institutional decision making
  • Global coordination & peace-building
  • Long-term future
  • Mental health/happiness
  • Rationality
  • Long-term future
Giving Pledges Taken
  • Giving What We Can
  • Founders Pledge
Available to volunteer


Areas of expertise
  • Global coordination & peace-building
  • Management
  • Research
Career interest areas
  • Government and policy
  • Global health and development
  • Management
Open to job offers


Organisational affiliations
Centre for Effective Altruism, University of California
  • People of color
  • LGBTQ+
  • Academia
  • Policymakers
Topics I speak about

  • Philosophy
  • Government and policy
  • Management
  • Building EA communities
  • Research
  • Mental health
Available as speaker
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