Devin Anzelmo

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Cause Area

Cause areas:

Natural environment, mental and behavioral health and the major issues in our current world. I generally find any topic with difficult unsolved problems interesting.

Available to volunteer


Areas of expertise:

Analytics, data science, machine learning, systems analysis(meaning all systems in the world), digging through primary literature.


Topics I speak about:

I will give talk if you are in my local region, and I can wear earplugs.

Or I have a car pick me up at the airport, I hate driving.


I am interested in almost all difficult problems. I do strategy more then fine detailed implementation but I can do both. I do a lot of coding in python(Machine learning, and analytics mostly). I read primary literature in any field I am looking at. I have spent half my life browsing internet forums, and interacting in that environment. I believe I am a good problem solver, and I will try to solve any problem that I think is ethical. I am an excellent learner and teach myself new things daily. I learn whatever skill or knowledge is required to solve the problems I am working on. I am very good at finding shortest path to solution, as well as feasible path to problems people think are infeasible. I do mean any problem. If you have something challenging contact me. I will talk to you for free to figure out if its ethical and whether I find it interesting. I can try to optimize almost any process. I only do work I think is ethical.

I do almost exclusively remote work. I live in Oregon because it is similar to where I was raised. I love the rain, and the forest, oceans, mountains, etc. I tend to need ear protection to go outside. Crowded places make me dizzy. I can be mean, sorry if I am. I don't have a very good filter. I am somewhat chaotic. I have bad short term memory, and if am thinking and you talk about something that is going to lose track, I get frustrated. I write and speak a lot because that's how I think. Speaking out loud to myself is my preferred form of thought, I have poor working memory the sound really helps. I write lots of wall of texts.

I have adhd inattentive and lifelong social anxiety which has limited my ability to work, and support myself. Currently 34 with a lot of experience doing work stuff for fun, looking to learn to support myself with my skills. I have a severe phobia of job search, and job application(panic attacks, etc), which i have been trying to overcome for a long time, with little success. I can work a job, its just getting the job that stresses me out.