David Norrish

Data scientist

A former neurogenetics researcher turned software developer/data scientist, working for an epilepsy-focused medical startup. I've helped run the ANU Canberra and Melbourne EA groups as treasurer, done website development for EA Melbourne, and was one of the organisers for EAGxAustralia 2018.

I've had a brief and fairly fruitless dabble in international public health, and these days (in no professional capacity) am interested in the general space of happiness / mental health / meditation / psychedelics research. On a personal level I find great fulfillment in festivals/burns/doofs, dance and flow arts, and general community building activities.


A shoulder to cry on, juggling tips, a sounding board for ideas, maybe like some opinions on Python?

Looking for

Inspire me, help build the social network, tell me about your cool research.

Cause Areas

  • Mental health/happiness
  • Building EA communities
  • Global health and development
  • Farmed animal welfare
  • Improving institutional decision-making
Available to volunteer


Areas of expertise
  • Software engineering
Career interest areas
  • Math/quant/stats expertise
  • Software engineering
Open to job offers


Local group membership
Effective Altruism Melbourne
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