Dario Citrini

studying political science (major) and philosophy (minor)

4th sem BA student of political science & philosophy at UZH currently planning to pursue a master's in PPE / poli sci / philosophy / future studies and generally interested in interdisciplinary research on “the big questions”, esp. re suffering, the future & uncertainty

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I was born, grew up in, currently live and also study in Zurich, Switzerland. The plight of badly-off humans and other animals has been a constant emotional involvement and intellectual interest of mine for many years, but only comparably recently have I embarked on my path to study how I could apply my compassion more systematically in a way that helps me to be more effective in making this world a better place. I've been fascinated by the philosophy of and social movement around Effective Altruism since early 2020 and am excited about the profound impact EA has had on my life ever since.

Hundreds of sometimes broad, sometimes more specific intellectual interests have accumulated over the last few years. Those I'm currently most excited about (varyingly hardly to somewhat or maybe moderately versed) include, in no particular order:

– effective altruism (esp. crucial considerations / viewquakes)
– metaethics (and meta above that) (esp. moral epistemology)
– moral uncertainty (axiological and deontic) (and meta above that)
– global priorities research and axiology
– population ethics, longtermism(s) / ethics of the (far) future, risk ethics, and fanaticism
– suffering-focused ethics (esp. asymmetries, commensurability, and lexicality in ethics)
– transhumanism and the intersection of sci-fi, technology, science, and philosophy
– collective action problems and international relations
– evolutionary psychology and moral psychology (esp. their intersection)
– game theory and decision theory
– moral circle expansion (esp. animal ethics, wild animal suffering, artificial sentience)
– the philosophy, politics, and economics of emerging technologies (esp. interdisciplinary research on AGI (artificial general intelligence) value alignment)


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Cause Areas

  • Other existential risks
  • Philosophy
  • Reserach
  • s-risks
  • Global priorities research
  • Government and policy
  • Global coordination & peace-building
  • Wild animal welfare
  • Farmed animal welfare
  • Long-term future
  • AI strategy & policy
  • Emerging Technologies


Career interest areas
  • Economics/quantitative social science
  • Philosophy
  • Global priorities research
  • Technology and security
  • Government and policy
  • Wild animal welfare
  • Research
  • Farmed animal welfare
  • Long-term future
  • AI strategy & policy




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