Bobby Shen

Cause Area

Cause areas:

Global poverty, Long-term future, I am also interested in how to reach out to other high income earners


Areas of expertise:

Software engineering, Math/quant/stats expertise, Philanthropy/earning to give



I am a math major from the MIT class of 17. For most of the time since then, I have worked at a for-profit startup, . I am a backend engineer / researcher making A/V signal processing models for TV, resembling but not quite comprehension models. I have negotiated with my employer, an agreement where I give up 55000 / year, and they donate about 58500 / year to nonprofits of my choice, bypassing all taxes.

I can't say that I personally know anyone else in the EA movement, but I would like to work to change that.

Outside work, I enjoy music from certain Japanese publishers, both vocal and instrumental, I transcribe a few of them to piano and also sometimes sing along. I also like half-marathons, but I'm on an injury-related break recently. I completed one in light snow at a temperature of about 0 F to 6 F in St. Paul.