Interested in providing a local presence for effective altruism?

Would you be interested in doing EA outreach in your area? Is there not already a local EA presence? If so, register your interest with this form, and we’ll get back to you about doing so. (We being the team supporting the local effective altruism network - we’ll also put all other EA organisations in touch with you if you decide to go ahead, and you’ll go on the public map of EA presences.)

Starting a group in your area can be a fun and easy way of doing good by showing others how they can improve the world. As an organizer, you can decide the shape the group takes - either simply holding casual meetups with interested people in small groups, or bigger events with high profile speakers.

Many have reported that talking to others who share similar values has motivated them towards action. A small amount of effort on your part can encourage others to donate throughout their life, potentially saving dozens of lives.

What’s more, organising a group will undoubtedly give you the opportunity to demonstrate valuable leadership and organisational skills, which could benefit you professionally.

What you think would be a good geographic name for the presence ('EA City' or 'EA Region', like 'EA Western Massachusetts'), to cast a reasonably broad net.