Get sponsorship for Giving Games

The Life You Can Save are willing to sponsor giving games, with the following requirements:

  • You review their list of best practices in advance.
  • At least one of the charities must be from TLYCS's recommended list
  • All of the charities must be tax-deductible in the US. They can occasionally make exceptions for this requirement - to see if that’s possible in your case, you must include a brief description of what you’d like to do to in your application for funding.
  • After the giving game, you need to assist with post-game feedback and newsletter sign up.
  1. For Speed Giving Games: Collect email addresses for the TLYCS mailing list using either this webform or printouts of this paper form.
  2. For Giving Game workshops: collect email addresses so that TLYCS can send a post-game survey, proof of their donation, and opt-in news. You can use a webform or paper form.
  3. Alternatively, after a Giving Game workshop, you may directly administer the post-game survey using this link.
  • TLYCS strongly encourages organisers to make one or more 'end game asks'.
  • TLYCS requires that organisers complete a post-game report.
  • You are required to be respectful to the participants and be a good ambassador for The Life You Can Save and its values.

They typically provide $1/person for booth games, $10/person for students doing ~1hr discussion based games, and ~$20/person for professionals in a discussion game. Simply email to request sponsorship, with a short description of the giving game you are planning to hold. For further information on finances, go here.
To apply for Giving Game funding, use this form.