The Life You Can Save, Townsville

Much of the Townsville TLYCS is made up of university students who meet informally to speak about poverty and make plans to speak and generally spread the word. There are around 10 of us depending on how you count and our main project so far has been the Run to Better Days ( The run has raised around $50 000 for effective charities, given away 2000 copies of The Life You Can Save and spoken to around 20 000 people in schools, universities and conferences about how important it is for Aussies to give more and give more effectively.  If you're interested in this stuff and based in Townsville, Mackay or Cairns we'd love to hear from you, over a coffee or an email - North Queensland has too few people for EAs not to all know each other! Don't hesitate to drop us a line or add yourself to this group.

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