GWWC Cambridge

As a local chapter of Giving What We Can, we put on about 4-5 events every term at University of Cambridge. Though most of our members are students at University of Cambridge, anyone in the area is more than welcome to come to anything we put on. 

Our events range from socials to events with effective charities and broader effective altruism issues, for example putting on events with the local 80,000Hours chapter.

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United Kingdom
Group organizers: 
Donations made or influenced by the group: 
AmountToWhenAny details (e.g. who donated)
£7000Schistosomiasis Control InitiativeNovember 2014Donation by Cambridge RAG
£7000Against Malaria FoundationNovember 2014Donation by Cambridge RAG
£250Development Media InternationalNovember 2014Giving Game
£109Against Malaria Foundation2013-2014Markus Anderljung
$96GiveDirectly2014Markus Anderljung
£64SCI2014Markus Anderljung
£32Project Healthy Children2014Markus Anderljung
£12.80Animal Charity Evaluators2014Markus Anderljung
£34Iodine Global Network2014Markus Anderljung
£34Effective Altruism Outreach2014Markus Anderljung
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Giving What We Can chapter