Giving What We Can: Manchester

We are the Giving What We Can chapter for Manchester. We typically are organised around the University of Manchester but are open to non-students joining.

We've run about 6 events including Giving Games and talks on 80k, Giving and Happiness, and the philosophical case for Effective Altruism. We have about 7 full time committee members, with a few ex-committee chipping in from time to time. Some of us have already gone into Earning To Give, while others are pursuing further education at postgraduate level.

Effective altruism is about using evidence and reason to find out how to help others. If you'd like to talk to someone local about any aspect of it - whether by email or over a coffee - email


United Kingdom
Group organizers: 
Donations made or influenced by the group: 
AmountToWhenAny details (e.g. who donated)
£500Against Malaria FoundationSeptember 2014Giving Game
£970AMF, SCI and Give DirectlyOngoingSam
£10Against Malaria FoundationOctober 2014Beatriz
£350GWWC Trust2014Martin